Semi-trailer chassis
Complete lightweight chassis, Berdex.
Gross technical load bearing capacity: 39,000 kg.

Chassis lengths:     13,700 mm
Chassis width:       2,545 mm

Max. disc pressure front : 12,000 kg
Max. axle load back        : 27,000 kg
Max. total weight            : 39,000 kg

Chassis/fundamental frame
Two high quality steel stringers. Lateral stiffeners between the chassis beams.

Gear part
Gear height           : This will give a total height of 4,000 mm at 1,090 mm.

Brand / Type         : Valx 22,5”
Brakes                  : Disc brakes
Number                : 3 pieces
Shock absorbers   : On a standard Valx position
Air suspension      : Yes
Lift axle                 : The rear axle is equipped with a 2-sided fully automatic axle lift

Brand / Size          : 385/65 R22.5”
Number                : 6 pieces
Rims                     : Steel rims – 10 holes ET120

Brake installation
System                          : 2 line air pressure in compliance with the EG directive
Brand + Type                 : Wabco EBS
Connection                     : Air hose couplings
Height regulation            : Standard
Lifting/Lowering valve     : Yes
Operation                       : Manual

Material air boilers          : Aluminium
Suspension air boilers     : Stainless steel.
Wheel eyes                    : 2 x in plastic container
Automatic lubrication     : No

Support legs
Operation    : rotatable, controls on the right
Model          : compensatory foot

Steelwork metal sprayed (zinc) and coated.

Length                  : approx. 14,000 mm
Width                    : approx. 2,545 mm gross
Total height           : approx. 4,000 mm gross at a disc height of 1,090 mm
Total weight          : approx. 9,800 kg
Total surface          : approx. 100 m2 netto

Aluminium understructure semi-trailer
The understructure consists of aluminum box guides that are connected by means of chain joints. The understructure is connected to the chassis by means of stainless steel bolt connections. The bottom of the understructure has a smooth finishing in order to prevent pollution.
The top consists of aluminum ribs as anti-slip.

Back portal
Consists of steel guides that are complete with lighting trays on the outside, number plate casing, and a bumper.
The corners on the inside are equipped with aluminum plates that can be dismantled behind which cabling and hydraulic piping can be found.
A hinged mudflap is mounted under the bumper.
The lower part is closed with a plate by means of an aluminum bulb plate on the outside.

The structure consists of brute aluminum “BERDEX”-guides.
Each guide is drained blindly so that any possible condensation or water build up on the inside of the guides will be limited to a minimum.
The side walls are provided with the required ventilation holes.

Slide ventilation (manual)
The two side walls are equipped with BERDEX ventilations slides, which are made from anodized aluminum.
The slides can be manually operated and put into modes that include a half way mode of the upper ventilation hole.
Securing the slides is done by means of plastic plugs that fall into the holes of the slides.

The bulkhead is produced in the same way as the side walls but without the ventilation holes.

Double foldable hood (double sided)
This consists of double sided aluminum guides that are made smooth. The hood can be opened lengthwise in four parts, which are in turn powered by dampers. The foldable parts can be closed by means of 2 stainless steel central locking systems that are assembled on the right foldable parts.

Top loads ERGO WP30 (double foldable)
These are two top loads, type ERGO WP30.
Each top load comprises 10 foldable parts lengthwise. The parts consist of aluminum guides that are covered on the top with aluminum anti-slip.

Inner gates
The floors are divided lengthwise in 5 compartments by means of aluminum gates. These gates are made of aluminum guides.
Closure is done by means of a stainless steel pull pin. Closure on the side wall is done via magnets.

Closure gates
These are 6 aluminum closure gates that are made from aluminum and equipped with a stainless steel closure pin.

Livestock loading lift type A8000
1 BERDEX cattle loading lift A-8000. The surface of the loading plateau is covered with anti-slip aluminium. The bottom of the lift is equipped with 4 rubber buffer blocks to limit damage to a minimum. The nose is made of aluminium. The back consists of aluminium profiles. The length of the plateau is approx. 2,900 mm.

Swing gates
1 pair of BERDEX ERGO 2000 swing gates. The swing gates consist of aluminum guides and are closed at a height of approx. 710 mm, by means of aluminum guides. The total height of the swing gates is 830 mm.

2 aluminum steps are assembled on the sides for better standing space. The visible back part is smooth and sprayed.

Activation of the lift
The lift is powered by a 4,5 kW Berdex electro hydraulic unit. The tank is electrolytic zinc plated on the inside and outside to limit corrosion. The unit is equipped with a return filter, filler cap, oil gauge, air chamber, and drain valve. The valve block is a Berdex valve block that is especially designed to gain maximum flow (lowering speed). The valve block is equipped with a testing nipple. The unit is electrically switched through relays, which are assembled in an impact free chamber that extends the service life of the relays substantially. The unit is switched off and on by means of a main switch that also serves as a switch for a light in the unit case.

The unit is powered by 2 semi-traction batteries, which are 230 A each. These batteries are assembled in a ventilated chamber. Charging takes place through the alternator of the truck. The charging installation should be installed by the supplier of the truck. Clang socket on the bulkhead.

Lift controls
1 fixed control chamber left back.
1 control wire rope.

Wheel guarding
Behind de last wheels and on the sides there is anti-spray guarding.

1 x Operating box on the left side behind the axles.
1 x Battery box on the left side behind the axles.
1 x Saw-dust rack.

The boxes are made of aluminum plates that are completely welded.
The hinges are made from stainless steel. The fittings are made by means of stainless steel incorporated fittings.

Side guarding
On the places where it is required by law, the bottom is provided with a sideward guarding by means of anodised aluminum guides.

Rear lights. On the left and right rectangular 5-Chamber rear lights are mounted.

Lighting inside
On the back side of each deck we will mount a halogen beam light.

Additional internal light
1 Extra halogen internal light is on the top in the back.

Working light
1 x 70 Watt halogen working light mounted above the bridge.

Width lights
2 halogen 70-Watt width lights are placed close to the back lights.

Beam lights
1 70-Watt halogen beam light is mounted on each side, activated on reverse and can also be enabled via a switch on the dashboard (switch and connection to be supplied by the supplying truck dealer).

Top lights
2 Red LED top lights are on the back.

Contour lighting
Compulsory LED contour lighting mounted on the 2 sides.

A Fan is mounted on the right-hand side of each of the compartments, making a total of 15 fans. They are mounted on the right-hand side to ensure that the cleanest (roadside) air possible is sucked in. The fans are mounted in an aluminium casing fitted with stainless steel mesh on the inside. Each layer can be turned on separately and is protected by means of automatic fuse.

Drink nipple system
We will mount 2 stainless steel drink nipples on 1 side in each compartment. These stainless steel drink nipples are mounted in aluminium tubes which can be folded toward the wall to prevent damages. The drink nipples are fed through a piping system – valve and water tank(s).

The lighting can be switched on and off by means of pull switches that are assembled in a plastic casing and secured by means of automatic fuses. In addition, the lighting, just as in the back lights, will be provided in compliance with all the legal regulations.

Surface treatment steel parts structure
All steel parts are blasted, zinc sprayed, and spray painted with a 2 component base lacquer, and then top sprayed with a 2 component lacquer.

Surface treatment aluminum
The outside is spray painted in 1 colour grey. The ventilation slides are anodised (not painted).

Contour marking
The semi-trailer will be provided with retro reflecting contour marking in compliance with ECE regulation 48 (76/756/EEG * 2007/35/EG).
Both sides will be provided with white marking, backside with red marking.

The vehicle will be delivered according to RDW (Government Center for Vehicle Technology and Information) or the TÜV-requirements.
The inspection and costs involved in the testing will be borne by Berdex. The vehicle will be delivered including a 3 button operation cable, and an instruction manual in compliance with the CE regulations.
Performed by you in reference to the truck
Battery-charging installation truck.
Optional switch for the lighting.

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